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It depends on the style and size of the garment but here is a guide to the number of animals that suffer and die for ‘fashion’:
Mink 30-70, Rabbit 30-40, Fox 10-20, Chinchilla 30-200, Seal 6-10, Lynx 8-12, Badger 10-12, Otter 10-16, Dog/Cat 15-20, Bobcat 16-22, Raccoon 30-40, Marten 50-60, Sable 60-70, Squirrel 200-400

And more animals die for fur trim. Fur trim isn’t the ‘leftovers’ from making full length fur coats. It may be only a little fur, but it still represents the painful existence of the animal that died for it.

And let’s NOT forget that leather kills too.

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